92.9 FM Dave Rock Radio

The Dave Rock Radio is one of the most listened to radio stations in Atlanta. It has very good programs that are very educative and appealing to people of all ages. Their music is also good and you’ll find that many people from this region love to listen to it. You will be able to listen to your favorite rock bands and rock music, and also be able to know the origin or history of the rock music.

Some of their shows include:

1) Show on the Road

This show normally begins at the start of the rush hour. People usually call to the station to request some of their favorite songs. There is a wider selection of music during this show. You are only required to call and request the song that you would love to listen to then they would play it for you. Some classic music, those of 90’s and the modern music can be requested during this show.

2) Top 20

This radio station also plays the top 20 rock songs of the current month. These songs are voted on by the listeners and lovers of the rock songs themselves. You only need to tune in to this radio and you will be thrilled a lot. Some of the top twenty rock songs played here include: into dust, show me a leader, the window cleaner, darkness necessities, feel invincible, and rice among many other great songs.

3) Classic Rock

Every day you will get the opportunity of listening to classic rock songs of 90’s and the modern ones. Anytime that you tune into Dave FM you are likely to be welcomed by very pretty and cool music that will brighten up your day. Some of their best features are that they will be able to awaken your beautiful childhood memories by the music they play, if it was in 80’s or 90’s they will still play the music that you used to listen to those days. You will be able to sing along to those childhood classic songs that you used to love very much.

4) News Minute

You will stay updated on everything that is happening around you and Atlanta at large as this stations air their news after very one hour. You will be able to know what is happening around you, sports that will be held in Atlanta and other business news from Atlanta, all this in just five minutes then your favorite shows will be back on air.

5) Financial Talks

There is also the show that talks about the finances. You will be able to interact freely on air with some best financial analysts and consultants who will be able to advice and guide you on how you can use and manage your finances. The stations also holds interviews with other great people from the society such as businessmen and other experts, thus you will be able to learn a lot of things from such interviews. You are only required to tune to this Dave FM radio station if you reside in Atlanta for great songs, news, shows, and interviews. [“Financial Talks Show”]

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♫♫ Adam Leigh ♫ David Scott ♫ Olivia Harper ♫ Amy Davis ♫ Sam Topmson ♫ Vivian Grace ♫ Zakk Cole ♫ Abbie Washington ♫♫

Check Out The History of Rock Music

Early in the 1950’s a popular genre of music originated as ‘’rock and roll’’ in the United States and it later came to be known as rock music. This music was strongly influenced genres such as blues, country music, classical and jazz. Rock music is majorly centered on the electric guitar, drums and electric bass guitar. This article is therefore aimed at taking you through the journey and history of rock music.


the beatlesOne of the most successful rock music bands of the 1960’s are the Beatles, who performed mainly in small clubs for almost three years in Germany before meeting their producer George Martin. They went ahead and recorded songs that topped the United Kingdom Charts, songs like She loves you and I want to hold your hand.



the rolling stonesIn the 1970’s when the Beatles became less popular, a band that went by the name the Rolling Stones took over the world of rock music, without much dispute. At this period the rolling stones were at the peak of their creativity and they easily challenged the Fab four who may have posed a challenge.


[The History of Rock Music]