David Scott

David ScottHow long have you lived in Atlanta?

I moved to Atlanta in 1984 from Waterford, Michigan.

Where are you from/grow up?

I went to High School in Marietta at Sprayberry H.S.

What is your fav. place to vacation?

What’s vacation? I’d like to ride a gondola in Venice someday!!!

If you had a million dollars what you spend it on?

If I had a million dollars I’d spend it on anything that my mom wanted!!! She does everything for everyone else and not enough for herself, so I’d like to change that.

Where could we find you on a Saturday night?

If I’m not hosting some sort of show or event, then on Saturday night I’m glued to Fox from 8p-10pm for all new episodes of Cops and America’s Most Wanted.

What is your favorite place to get a drink?

After years of doing the drinking, I pretty much handle the Designated Driver role when I get out with friends.

What is your favorite place to eat?

Now food, I do and do often. I LUV 2 EAT!!! Eating, sleeping & talking….my three favorite things and not necessarily in that order, haha. All-U-Can-Eat buffets are my pick. Sucker for a good Chinese buffet or Golden Corral.

What was the first concert that you ever went to?

Can’t remember if this was my very first concert, but I was in elementary school and I remember my Aunt Jeannie took me to the Culture Club concert and I got really car sick on the way home!!!

Who is your favorite band?

Tough to pick a favorite band because I like so many different kinds of music (except country! Love country women though). I’m more of a compilation dude! Music puts me in a good mood, so I just randomly jam to the hits!!! My current favorite in the ‘ole Zune is a local band name Rehab.

Do you have any pets?

Love me, love my dog(s)…my two best friends: Indy (Chihuahua) & Crackerjax (Australian Shepherd). It gets lonely in my queen-size, lil’ slice of heaven so it’s nice to have two best friends.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Favorite Hollywood hotties…Carmen Electra & Jessica Simpson, WOW!!!

What are three things we would find in your refridge. at all times?

The two “must haves” in David’s fridge are Mountain Dew and Cool Ranch Doritos (OK, so maybe the Doritos are in the cupboard). The third would probably be boiled peanuts.

What is one thing that would surprise us about you?

Most surprising about me would have to be my teary-eyed attraction to those sincere/quality moments, not scripted by Hollywood writers or directors, that reward good people for their genuine acts of goodness/kindness unto others. Whether it is a family re-union or helping them with housing and/or paying bills, etc…Sincere kindness & acts of generosity!!!