The Best Radio Stations in Georgia

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Are you finding the best radio station in Georgia? Don’t worry we are here to help you. In order to provide best list of Georgia based radio stations we have spent quality time and found some great radio station for you. In the below, the list is given with their brief information.


This radio station is affiliated with the PRI (Public Radio international) and NPR (National Public Radio). It is situated in Atlanta, Georgia, which has classical music features although the station also plays a Beatles tunes occasionally. NPR flagship events morning edition is carried out by this radio station with newscasts interjected periodically. Educational programming and Georgia radio reading services are also broadcasts by the WABE radio station. The radio station is operated by the city school system. It has following features:

• Class-C0 NCE
• HAAT- 334.1 meters
• Format- Public radio
• ERP- 100,000 watts
• Slogan-Where ATL meets NPR
• First air date- 13 September 1948
• Affiliation- American public media, national public radio and public radio international.


GPB (Georgia Public Broadcasting) is a PBS television station member and member of NPR. It is a state network which serving the U.S. state of Georgia. A Georgia public telecommunications commission is operating this radio station which also holds the license of NPR and PBS members. The radio station went on the air on 23rd May 1960. The primary television and radio production facility and headquarters is situated in 14th street in Midtown Atlanta. Its 19 radio and 9 television stations covers all the states such as, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee and South Carolina.


This (860) radio station is owned and operated by the Beasley Broadcast group. The radio station is in Atlanta, Georgia and its has wide variety of national and local ministries programming features including Ken Hagin, J. Vernon, Alber Pendarvis, McGee and local pastors. Apart from these programmes the radio station also broadcasts entertainment, lifestyle and health related programmes. “Atlanta’s inspirational talk Radio” is a slogan of the radio station while it runs on 860 kHz frequency. It went on air 1989.


American family radio is available to both listen and watch. It has more than 160 radio stations which subscribed by the people across the world. In 1991 it was launched by the Rev. Donald Wildmon as a ministry of the American family association. AFR acquired the rights in 2009.

5-WAOK New and Talk

This radio station first air date was 15 March 1954. It is an urban radio station which provides services in the Atlanta Georgia. It operates with 25,000 watts of power and with 1380 Kilohertz during the day time. it is an 5th oldest broadcast station in the Georgia which is AM licensed.


This 92.9 FM station is currently owned by the group of rivers radio. It is licensed to Valdosta Georgia USA. On 28 November 1978 the station went on the air as WAGOV-FM and in 1984 the name has changed which is now WAAC. It has following features:

• Class-C1
• HAT-153.0 meters
• Branding-92.9 country
• First air date- 28 November 1978
• Format- country
• ERP-100,000 watts
• Facility ID-72122


This radio station is operated and owned by Boynton educational radio Inc which is also known as adult standards formatted radio station. It has following features:

• ERP-5 watts
• Class-L1
• HAAT-134 meters
• Facility ID-124182
• Slogan- “WaaKool”
• Branding-K-94.7
• First air date-2005
• Format -Audio standard