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For almost twenty years, Paul McCarthy has been interviewing the people behind the headlines in the financial world on his weekly financial talk show. From financial analysts to some of the most successful businessmen and women of our time, Paul’s show has delved into the background of the 2008 financial crisis, spoken with entrepreneurs about their road to success and to the CEO of large organisations that continue to grow their business in an age of rapid technological change. What started as a local show on one radio station in Atlanta has rapidly spread to other stations and continues to grow audience share.

Georgia has many influential and prominent economists and successful business people. From businesswoman M. Michele Burns to entrepreneur Brandon Stanton there are scores of people with experience they share on Paul’s financial talk show. Here are some of the interviews Paul has broadcast that involve people from Georgia:

M. Michele Burns

At the time of the financial crisis, one of Paul’s interviews was with M. Michele Burns, businesswoman from Georgia who was chair and CEO of Mercer between 2006 and 2011 and was director on the boards of a number of major American companies, including Cisco Systems, Wal-Mart and Goldman Sachs.

Elizabeth Omilami

Elizabeth OmilamiNot all Paul’s interviews are with the super-rich. Elizabeth Omilami is an activist from Georgia who worked for over fifteen years in the background of her father’s Hosea Feed The Hungry and Homeless efforts. When he retired in 2000 Elizabeth became the organization’s CEO. She expanded the organization to provide programs that would meet, year round, the basic needs of the working poor and homeless along a continuum of care leading to self-sufficiency. She also established medical clinics, clothing distribution, barber and beautician services, children’s educational programs, and home delivery meals.

Brandon Stanton

One of the youngest people invited to one of Paul’s interviews is Brandon Stanton. Brandon grew up in Atlanta, Georgia where he majored in history at the University of Georgia. In 2010, he took up photography, moved to New York and created the “Humans of New York” Facebook page the same year. His best-selling Humans of New York book was published in 2013. In December 2013, Brandon was named one of Time Magazine’s 30 Under 30 People Changing The World.

Arthur Blank

Paul’s interviews allow his guests to share pivotal moments of their financial journey. Arthur Blank, owner of the Atlanta Falcons and co-founder of The Home Depot, was one such guest, sharing stories from his self-made rise to billionaire status, reflecting on both creating and being asked to step down from The Home Depot.

Jim Kennedy

Jim Kennedy, the grandson of James M. Cox, founder of automotive and media giant Cox Enterprises is another of Paul’s talk show interviews. From Georgia, Jim talked about his twenty-five percent stake in the businesses, including cable TV, radio, newspaper publishing. Jim also discussed the recent acquisition of Dealertrack, software for car dealerships in 2015.

Gary Rollins

Gary RollinsGary Rollins presides over the biggest pest control company by revenues in North America, alongside elder brother and chairman Randall. The Rollins brothers, both born in Georgia, have much seen Rollins, Inc. record a decade of continuous improved revenues and earnings.

Dan and Bubba Cathy

Interviews with two Georgia state resident brothers were the sons of Truett Cathy, who opened the very first Chick-fil-A fast-food joint in an Atlanta mall in 1967. Don “Bubba” Cathy now runs the 2,000-restaurant chain with his brother, Dan Cathy. Dan is CEO and Bubba is executive vice president and also oversees the company’s 15 full-service restaurants in Georgia.