The History of Rock Music

the history of rock music

Early in the 1950’s a popular genre of music originated as ‘’rock and roll’’ in the United States and it later came to be known as rock music. This music was strongly influenced genres such as blues, country music, classical and jazz. Rock music is majorly centered on the electric guitar, drums and electric bass guitar. This article is therefore aimed at taking you through the journey and history of rock music.

What is the exact period when rock music started?

The exact time and date when rock music started is not known and this has been a major cause of many heated debates on who the first rock singer was and which was the first rock song. It has proved difficult to establish who started rock music mainly because rock and roll music developed through borrowing from different genres ,however it was Bill Haley’s song ‘’Rock around the clock’’ that became so popular that it topped the Billboard music charts at the time when Rock music was still a new developing genre.

Are there other sub-genres of rock music?

In the early 1960’s another type of rock developing in the united stated in the city of Detroit, it came to be known as ‘’hard rock’’. A band that went by the name The Stooges was producing some of the roughest, loudest and hardest music of all time, they didn’t sell a lot of records but later on their type of music had a heavy impact styles of music. However there was a British band Led Zeppelin that had seven consecutive number-one albums of hard rock during the 1970’s .

During the early 1960’s in England there were two major types of rock that were developing. Older musicians in London taught young musicians how to play R&B in Bands like the Bluebeakers, Rolling stones’ guitarist Keith Richards and Jimmy Paige who was the lead guitarist in the Yardbirds. The kind of music produced by these musicians was closer to R&B, this kind of music combined vocal concords, attractive melodies with rock and roll beats. The type of rock music they produced was so different from that of England that came to be known as ‘’merseybeat’’, The Beatles were among the bands that sang this genre of rock music.

Dick Dale, an American- Lebanese guitarist based in Los Angeles, at around the same period was developing another rock music sub-genre called ‘’surf music’’ by combining rock and roll and middle-eastern music.

In the 1970’s another sub-genre that came to be known as ‘’boogie’’ hit the charts and became popular. This kind of music was played by bands such as Canned Heat in the US. This sub-genre of rock music became popular mainly because it had great R&B beats that were interesting to dance to.

Later on in the 1990’s another genre of rock music known as ‘’grunge’’ was developed in the united states by the bans pearl jam and Nirvana.

Some of the most legendary rock bands I the history of rock music

In the history of rock music there has been the rise of some of the world’s greatest bands that totally made Rock music a great song genre and took it to a whole new level. This bands came up with great rock music and totally revolutionized the world of rock music in amazing ways


the beatles

One of the most successful rock music bands of the 1960’s are the Beatles, who performed mainly in small clubs for almost three years in Germany before meeting their producer George Martin. They went ahead and recorded songs that topped the United Kingdom Charts, songs like She loves you and I want to hold your hand. The Beatles toured the United States and in 1964 their songs were holding the top five sports on the US charts. The success of the Beatles read to the raising of other British bands who toured the United States such as the rolling stones. The Beatles, having taken over the US Bill Board Charts, started turning around the history of rock music with the creative record production of George Martin and the songwriting of John Lennon, they created amazing new forms of rock music. Their greatest albums include:
1. A hard day’s night (1964)
2. Abbey Road (1969)
3. The Beatles (1968)


the rolling stonesIn the 1970’s when the Beatles became less popular, a band that went by the name the Rolling Stones took over the world of rock music, without much dispute. At this period the rolling stones were at the peak of their creativity and they easily challenged the Fab four who may have posed a challenge. The rolling stones released their first single in 1963 June ‘’come on’’ Which was a cover of Chuck Berry’s original song and it became number 21 in the UK and they followed it up with a cover of the Beatles ‘’I Wanna Be Your Man’’ that held the 12th spot in the UK.

The Bands first release on their own was the ‘’Sticky Fingers’’ in 1971. Ever since Mick Taylor left in 1974 the band has been different, but they have remained focus all through the time and produced great music that is highly enjoyed by the fans.


In the rock music history there have been musical legends Such as Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Bill Haley. They are among some of the Icons who led rock music and rock culture into popularity. They brought about new fashion styles and dance crazes that took the music world by storm.