Rock Bands – Biography

There are so many rock bands and many of them spectacular. Here we are going to provide the list of best rock bands where one can pick the best accordingly. This list will include bands whose forte is good ‘n’ roll ol’ rock. Rhythm and blues, no players of blues, folk, funk and hip-hop, moreover these rock band had or has a very good quality of distinctive sound that few can imitate, dare they try. These rock bands are together from so many years or dedicated or still performing.

The Beatles

the beatles

In 1960 the Beatles were formed in Liverpool with members of Paul McCarney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr and Harrison, and soon they became very famous and most influential act of the rock era. Some experiments are done by the Beatles with different ranging from Indian music to pop ballads and hard rock and psychedelia. The rock band builds their reputation playing clubs in Hamburg and Liverpool over a 3 year period from 1960. Harrison, McCarteny and Lennon went through a succession of drummers. Recording and development is guided by the George martin while Brian Epstein molded them into professional act. Beatles are the best selling music in the USA according to the RIAA.





Led Zeppelin

led zeppelin


This is English rock band which is formed in 1968 in London, the members consisted of singer Robert plant, guitarist jimmy page, keyboardist and bassist John paul Jones and Drummer John Bonham. On their early albums the band rooted in psychedelia and blues and also driven on heavy guitar sound. The band earned good recognition through their unique style and wide variety of influence from folk music. The success commercial albums of rock band includes, Physical Graffiti (1975), Led Zeppelin (1969), Led Zeppelin III (1970), Led Zeppelin II (1969) and Houses of the Holy (1973).

The Rolling Stones

the rolling stones

This rock band is known as English rock band which is formed in 1962 in London. The team consisted of Charlie Watts (drums), Mick Jagger (lead vocals), Bill Wyman (bass), Keith Richards (lead guitar, backing vocals), Ian Stewart (piano) and Brian Jones (rhythm guitar, harmonica). In 1963 from the official line up Stewart was removed but he continued as touring member until his death in 1985. In 1969 the john had died and he left the band less than a month prior to his death. The place is filled up by the Mick Taylor who served until 1974. In 1975 Roonie wood took the place of Mick Taylor. In 1964 the band became very popular in the US because of its rebellious and youthful counterculture. The band got the recognition from their albums which include Exile on Main St (1972), Their Satanic Majesties Request (1967), Beggars Banquet (1968), Sticky Fingers (1971) and Let It Bleed (1969).



The Jimi Hendrix Experience

jimi hendrix experience

This was an English-American rock band which is formed in September 1966 in London. The Rock band team consisted drummer Mitch Mitchell, Singer, guitarist, songwriter, Jimi Hendrix, bassist and backing vocalist Noel Redding comprised the team. In 1969 the band was active until June. During this period of time three albums are released by the band and one of them became most popular. The rock band is known for its style, skill and charisma. While their most popular album includes, Electric Ladyland (1968), Are You Experienced (1967) and Axis: Bold as Love (1967). All these three albums were very popular and hit of all time at positions of 15, 82 and 54 accordingly. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was inducted by the Jimi Hendirx in 1992.